You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today

Pink Floyd

In 2008 exactly these lines from Pink Floyd's song gave inspiration and name to Belarusian designer Milana Vileita (Khasinevich) - KILLTODAY. A beautiful beginning for continuous creative process, which gives birth to unique and not less beautiful things. 

Milana's brand KILLTODAY specializes in creating leather bags and accessories. Designer's style is supported by author's signature - KILLTODAY PIN LOGO.

It is not only nice, stylish and useful thing but also a mystical mascot, full of positive energy, inspiration and love and brings good luck. "Carefully pinned by designer" as Milana says. 

Bag or bracelet, collar or harness by Milana Vileita (Khasinevich) accent not only on style but also on a dorning every day which may be "killed". Nice allegory for easy life enjoyment against crazy urban rhythm. 

KILLTODAY's hedonizm is consonant with Roman harmony not only with its motto "kill today" (Horatio stated it as "carpe diem" - pluck the day) but also with adjusted grace of forms, in which form expression is overwhelming excessive, shallow decoration.

KILLTODAY likes complex metaphors: it seeks points of contact between contemporary utilitarian fashion and imagery of literature and art, rethinking concepts and moods - from gothic twilight or fashion-expression to sunny and bright summer colors. 


Brand's concept is exceptional moods for every day. Brutality and tenderness, sexuality and simplicity - the whole palette of emotions and states is peculiar for KILLTODAY.


2009 KILLTODAY brand was created by designer Milana Vileita (Khasinevich) 2011 Participating in Minsk Design Week Participating infirst fashionmarketin Belarus "14" collection ADDICTION collection 2012 NEOGOTHIC COME BACK collection Belarus fashion week fall/winter 2012-2013 in collaboration with clothing brand KUCHERENKO SEX and WAR collection Participating in Mercedes-Benz fashion week Moscow spring/summer 2013 in collaboration with clothing brand KUCHERENKO 2013 KARDASH-Ignatik-KILLTODAY studio was opened HAPPY TEARS collection Participating inBelarus fashion week spring/summer 2014 in collaboration with clothing brand Firanchuk HorsePower collection 2014 KILLTODAY Hutte studio was opened Participating in Minsk fashion week fall/winter 2014-2015 with KARMA collection VENUS FIGURINES collection 2015 UNI-FORM collection